The second EP by the Seattle based post-punk trio that is the well-stocked-garage of post-punk trios. Casual Hex has every tool that is nonrepresentational, abnormal, and other-worldy. "Fleshed Out” is seven tracks that are completely alien, howling at you about separating from the burden of skin and drifting into the depths of mental space. Outlandish and unnatural. Casual hex is not tied down to any genre, sound, function or assumption and this release is a representation of the band's multiplicity. Its moods will swing you. Written by Casual Hex in 2015. Originally released by Half Shell Records and now contentedly available through Good Person Recordings Distro.

Cass: $5 USD // SKU #2204
Issue of 315 C-29 cassette tapes with white ink printed on black cassette shells. Full Color 3-panel J-card detailing artwork and design by Casual Hex with download code included.

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