"Bad habits vanish in the air." A combination of the first two full length albums written and recorded by Swiss conceptual genius Lise Sutter under the moniker Maraudeur. Sixteen tracks of abstraction that are deep and smooth. Maraudeur can be walking throughout the city at night, vision cloaked by dark shaded glasses, or Maraudeur can be waking up in the bodies of inanimate objects. Avant-garde with a sense of purpose, both albums harness the intelligence and the ear for a catching hook in the way of Bona Dish with the need for distance and experimentation akin to the Flying Lizards. All recorded on a four-track cassette machine, its warm lo-fi sound requires physical gyration and existential bedroom contemplation. “I would die for a new sensation.” 

Cover artwork by Seth Sutton. All songs by Lise Sutter, except “Wood Doll,” which was written in collaboration with Charlotte Mermoud, and Fabian Delpy. Recorded in 2016 and originally released as two separate tapes by the artist. Warmly welcomed to the Good Person catalog and the United States with much gratitude.

Cass: $5 USD // SKU #1004
Issue of 60 C-42 with silver ink on translucent green tinted Cassette shells with 3 panel J-card and download code included.

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