The second full-length album by one of British Columbia’s finest. 10 tracks of intelligently and playfully structured collages. You can hear the physical energy in Fountain’s Fountain 2 and it is always hitting the sweet spot and never when it’s expected. Lyrically characterized by it's void of surface level subject matter or relatable concepts one might compare this album to contemporary art. Fascinating with its bizarre structure and approach. Diverse yet stylized, this album is evocative like the early era of Wire but with a twanging spike in hand.

Artwork by Fountain. Recorded by Fountain in 2014/15 on a Tascam 388. Mixed by Arran Fisher. Mastered by Marshal Vallancourt. Originally self-released by the band and is now welcomed with great satisfaction to the Good Person catalog. 

Cass: $5 USD // SKU #1002
Issue of 150 C-28’s with black ink on yellow solid body cassette shells and 3 panel J-card with download code included.

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